My Remote View

Cloud Telecontrol platform, multilingual and multi-level

My Remote View

Monitoring and control cloud-based system

MyRemoteView is a brand of hardware and software solutions that includes fisical devices (IOT) for the web data acquisition (ADSL / GPRS / 3G) and a dedicated cloud portal, available via browser from PC, smartphone and tablets, by the App. 

My Remote View

MyRemoteView has been projected to be highly scalable. 

The software can be active at the same moment in many web server (load-balancing) and in many data-base server (data base sharding), in order to make illimited the number of devices that can be connected.

In few minutes it is possible to add more memory to every server or more computing power.

App MyRemoteView

My Remote View is a structure that allows to access through a personalised account generation.

For every account there is a role to access the service.

You can enter My Remote View from any device (Smartphone, Tablet, PC, Notebook etc.).

App MyRemoteView

Download the App for Android

App MyRemoteView

Access to MyRemoteView platform

If you are already registered, log in directly in our monitoring platform

Why choose us?

Thanks to the volume of purchases, TIME TECHNOLOGY INDUSTRIES  enjoys a favourable position on the market and is able to offer to its customers high quality products at a very competitive price. 

  • We always follow the changes of security standards
  • We have a High leveled accident prevention system through the constant training of our operators. 
  • We realise full satisfactory services for our customer.

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