STARK66 -  Wall Mounting Universal Inverter

Electronic control solutions for pumps and motors with inverter technology island photovoltaic pumping solutions

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STARK66 - Wall Mounting Universal Inverter

STARK66 -  Wall Mounting Universal Inverter

E-Drive Stark66 Series

Protection degree IP66

Proved E-Drive tecnology, with DSP based Sensorless Vektor Control

Rugged and reliable, for the world you work in



Direct mounting on wall

Motor Control Mode:

- PID control functions integrated.

- Special functions for pump and fan control.

- Multipump MASTER/SLAVE control whith automatic pump interchange function.

- Smart failure monitoring (loss of water, setpoint interrruption....)

>I/O specification:
- 2 analogue inputs (12Bit).

Removable graphical display.
Optional remote operating panel.

Communication ports:
  - 1 RJ45 type for LCD Display
  - 1 RS485 type, ModBus RTU protocol
Optional modules for all common fieldbus-systems.

EMC-filter integrated (2. environment - industrial).

EMC-filter availaible as option, in add-on box, IP66 for first environment (residential area).

Special filtering systems for long motor cables, dv/dt limiter and power factor correction chokes availaible (IP66 protection degree - add-on box).

Brake chopper integrated - application specific brake resistors in IP55 / IP66, out of the E-Drive accessories program.

Modular operating panel, with optional main switch, emergency switch, potentiometer, RUN/STOP buttons

Removable cable conuit plate IP66 with dust/humidity proof pressure balancing

Wide Operating Ambient Rating: -10/+50°C.

(-40°C with option).

All boards coated and resistent against dust and humidity.

Power Range:

0,75 up to 90kW 400V 3Phs output with 380-460V 3Ph supply (TT Type)


Maximum Power can be limited by specific IEC Duty Class level.

Application sectors

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